Music is a gift that flourishes in the few select. When these artists discover their truth the path is the course of experience. That experience creates music. That pain creates passion. The best music comes out of it.

Today we look at one individual who took his passion to charge forward into building a career. Dawon Mitchell is a chicago native born and raised. A lover of music as a fan growing up absorbing the culture and an insane focus on rap music enabled him to create his future.

One day while in the studio, Fasho’s whole vision came into play. He learned after a couple of takes that his strongest point in his style was his clear radio friendly delivery. He found his niche and began focusing on making more mainstream music. Curating that clean sound. This gift has enabled him to stand out amongst the swarms of dreams & talent in Chi Town.  This lead him to begin to brand his name, FASHO FLOW.

Now that he create his identity he pursued to look for that next level situation. Fortunately his created a contact and a connect that lead him to his today.

“Its been quite a journey, but we only just began” says Fasho Flow. “Im working to create a big debut not just make an album to throw out there.”

“Fasho is part of that new generation of young talents ready to make a name in the game” says Affluent Records CEO Oscar Sanchez. “He has a clean delivery and flow beyond earning his name he will make a career out of it with the right song”.

Buy his new single “MONEY NEVA LOW” in stores worldwide August 2017.